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It concerns Arthur Less, a writer, who has been called to an international conference where he is in the running to win a prize.But the prize is minor and no one–not he nor his agent–thinks he has a chance.Like when he thinks back to when Robert received a phone call back in 1992 and the first thing he says to Arthur is “I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all these years… This seemed like one that could end with us wondering about the prize.But I was delighted that Greer was wiling to close this chapter in Less’ life.

The song and sentiment are beautiful with plaintive lap steel guitar: “I will remember I will remember I will remember you… I’m a very dynamic performer and I need this kind of environment so… I really like John Paul White’s music and I’d love to see him live in a quiet sit down club..

I don’t really know all that much about John Paul White, except that he was in the fabulous duo The Civil Wars, and that he writes intelligent but downbeat folk music. “The Once and Future Queen,” is a slow, quiet song with a big chorus full of pretty harmonies.

For indeed, his songs are not cheery by any stretch. I know the first song, “Black Leaf,” from his Tiny Desk Concert. When it ends, he says: I guess it’s probably my duty to warn you….

The ceremony begins and he imagines that he has been not mistranslated but super-translated that the award should go to his translator: she worked his mediocre English into breathtaking Italian.

Many more thoughts creep into his head as the ceremony goes on. Holy fuck Arthur, I won.” And, somewhat amazingly, I thought, there is a conclusion to the story, to the contest.

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