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Designed by architects W & G Higginbottom, the club, when opened, featured a large gymnasium with viewing gallery – where the 1933 All England Amateur Gymnastics Championships were held – three fives courts, a billiard room and two skittle alleys (later converted to shooting galleries). I now realised that their experiences in England during WW2 had not been fully captured.

Boxing, cycling, cricket, swimming and badminton were also organised. I discovered that the evacuees had integrated into their local communities, but also set up around 100 Channel Island societies.

One main difference being that Almex Model and the Clipper Card unlike the Oyster service in London was that they weren’t digital and relied on more traditional forms of data and information collection.

The machine entered service with the launch of the Clippercard in December 1979 by Greater Manchester Transport. This is a Victorian ceramic water filter by Slack & Brownlow of Canning Works, which was based on Upper Medlock Street in Hulme.

The building merited inclusion in Pevsner’s update to Pevsner’s Lancashire: Manchester and the South East (Hartwell et al, 2005, p. This notes the “red brick with a little ornamental faience” as being worthy of the reader’s note. These women arrived with practically nothing, and although some adults, as well as children, had unhappy experiences, the majority described the kindness of their English neighbours.

The architects, W & G Higginbottom, are notable in Manchester for designing a number of Manchester buildings such as the Bridge Street Children’s Mission, Nos 51-53 Piccadilly, and Nos 59-61 Piccadilly (Clayton House), St Clements Church in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, and the Grade II listed Canada House (home to English Heritage’s North West office). Eva Le Page told me ‘I left Guernsey with my baby, and a bag containing feeding bottles and nappies.

The lack of evidence also suggests that Ardwick Lads Club was a unique development in the history of Robert Neill & Sons, with no other building of this type built by the contractors. The evacuees were also helped by organisations outside England. After the closure of Ancoats Nursery School (March 31, 2007) and its subsequent languishing neglect until it was demolished in 2011, the Ardwick Lads Club along with the River Inn also on Palmerston Street were the last fragments of an almost forgotten history of how Ancoats continued to rapidly develop in the 19th century. With the demolition of Ardwick Lads Club, it seems certain the slowly decaying River Inn public house will follow shortly afterwards and the adjoining mid-19th century house which later became part of the pub, completing the decimation and total destruction of a once vibrant, culturally and historically architecturally rich area, which started in the 1960s. More details on the planning application can be read here: 100472/DEM/2012/N2 Whilst permission to demolish was “not required” (Decision Letter, 8th October 2012), it begs the question, was it in the communities best interest to strip yet another community, sporting, cultural and historical asset from an area already critically lacking. A last ditch attempt to save and spot list Ardwick Lads Club on historical and architectural grounds was dismissed by English Heritage and backed by the Secretary for Culture Media and Sport, with no attention paid to local significance or importance.

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In Hard Times Dickens conjured a fictional cesspool, a dark, smog- choked Coketown (Ancoats) directly inspired by his visits, like so many other notable writers in the late 19th century, such as Beatrix Potter and Elizabeth Gaskell, to Ancoats, where he witnessed the monotony of everyday life, as the underclass toiled away at machines (It was a town of red brick, or of brick that would have been red if the smoke and ashes had allowed it; but as matters stood, it was a town of unnatural red and black like the painted face of a savage. Many children missed the English families who had cared for them for five years, and are still in touch with those families.

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