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Jeff Dunham and his socially reckless "suitcase posse" are back in this highly anticipated follow-up to Arguing with Myself, his breakthrough television special! Jeff Dunham stars in this one-hour special from the world famous Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

See full summary » Jeff Dunham's Minding the Monsters brings together your favorites-- Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Jose Jalapeno... , and Achmed the Dead Terrorist as you've never seen them before! See full summary » Ventriloquist and comic Jeff Dunham takes to the stage to provide fresh comedic material with his classic puppets Walter, Peanut, Jose Jalapeño and Achmed, as well as with two never-before-seen characters with their own unique quirks.

They look at each other and both start screaming, more or less.

In a more recent episode, Dunham pulled off the dirtiest joke I have ever heard on a commercial station during prime time, perhaps a little too dirty considering who might be watching at that hour.

We all have imaginary friends that last forever, right? This time he introduced a new character that looks like he might become a great addition to the regulars . It is comedy, taking news and stories and putting them into jokes, in this case wrapping it all in a ventriloquist act, it works out okay, but it is very American, kind of like a talk show where the host tells a joke and the audience laughs.It is okay and I would love to see him live, but it is missing something new, it is the same old same old, still entertaining and give some laughs, but something is off and just not as fresh as it used to be.Dunham's humor tends to be risqué, however, so all is forgiven.In the same episode, he and his jive-talking black puppet enter an urban barbershop in search of blacks to be added to Dunham's traditionally all-white audience.

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