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as for this being fair game on rove, I say read the above posts about rove having possibly started this himself and realize that shouting this from the rooftops may be just what he's hoping for. " "Hey baby,do you want to go to a Pat Boone concert? Press: Scott, how come Karl Rove having an affair is no big deal to the President and the Republicans, but when Clinton got a blow job from an intern it was an impeachable offense? Scott: I'm afraid I can't answer that question as the investigation is ongoing. I've never heard it used in that manner, so I have my own theory.Scott: I'm afraid I can't answer that question as the investigation is ongoing. Given Bush's frat-boy sense of humor, I believe the "blossom" part of the nickname refers to a sexual organ.

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We're supposed to be the ones with REAL gripes and arguments like DSM and a war fought on lies, Rove Gate, record national debt, feuling terrorism, the hedging of constitutional rights, equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation, voting machine accountability, and on and on and on.

Let's stick with what matters, people, and leave the Monica Hunting to the Republicans. We didn't like it when they after Clinton for his promiscuities... Why waste time on this and lower ourselves to Turd Blossom's level?

Daddy helps again :0As for Ohio votes....naw, we'll let that go for now, since all the votes just got disappeared somehow..when it comes to Rove's victories, I have to say, he isn't as good as he is advertised to be.

He may have won Bush Texas, failed to win the White House the first time, brought the Religious Right in to bolster the vote but then gave up on them when GB was in office, losing their vote coming up to the second election, pushed the privatization of SS right when the public was starting to hate Iraq, which only helped the downward slide, and the Republican party is fractured.

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