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Harrell starred in ABC's production of the PGA Tour Western Open with Tiger Woods and other pro-golfers. Since then, his many accomplishments include: performing several times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Maury Povich -Most Talented Kids Show and other television shows; serving as the spokesperson for Western Union's Study Buddy Reading Program which enabled him to travel around the United States performing at schools and delivering motivational speeches to encourage students to read, as well as singing numerous jingles. In addition to his lead role in Sony Tri Star's Guys Like Us, Harrell has appeared in several television commercials.Harrell was a presenter at the NAACP's 25 and ACT-SO Awards Ceremony in Houston, Texas, and he received standing ovations as he performed for NABSE (National Alliance of Black School Educators) in Atlanta, Georgia.Producing, DJ-ing, and singing, he disrupted the EDM scene with bangers like the 2015 anthem “For You” with Dzeko & Torres and Delora—which clocked over 5 million Spotify streams and earned a spot Tiësto’s Club Life Vol. He produced the 2017 banger “Groovy” for Famous Dex and Dice Soho and even contributed piano to Nas’s chart-dominating opus, Life Is Good.In 2017, M A E S T R O took the next creative step by embracing one of his most enduring passions: rap.Fusing his own hyper-modern hypnotic production and a throwback reverence for wordplay, he brings a new focus and fire to hip-hop starting with the single “Which One Which” and forthcoming 2018 debut mixtape.

For his 16th birthday, Harrell held a party August 12, 2007 featured on My Super Sweet Sixteen, airing on MTV, September 25, 2007 at pm CST.

His break through in the edm scene was finally done in 2015 with the progressive-house track "For You", a collaboration with Dzeko & Torres and singer-duo Delora.

Later in 2015 he was signed to W&W's label "Mainstage Music", where he got much attention for his track "Olympus" as well as his collaboration "Poseidon" with Maurice West.

Harrell made his motion picture film debut in the movie Ali, which was directed by Michael Mann.

He portrayed the young Cassius Clay, and the all-star cast included Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Jon Voight. He remains most known for his role in David Simon's The Wire as Randy Wagstaff His voice is featured on the Twilight Zone episodes CD, along with Blair Underwood.

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One year later he changed his style with a jungle-terror-crossover track called "Zantar", which was produced together with newcomer No Tech.

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