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Unable to come up with a line of attack on the bill, Doocy resorted to attacking the "chintzy clip" that Obama used to hold the pages of the legislation together while showing a copy of the bill at a press conference. After merely describing what was happening in the generic B-roll video playing on a monitor behind him, Kilmeade went off the rails and suggested that viewers "grab your gun and get a drink and go drink in Virginia." What could go wrong? To support this false claim, they frequently bring in Eric Bolling, a guy who -- surprise -- has ties to the oil industry.

In early March, there was idle speculation that Obama might tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to lower gas prices.

Ultimately, he didn't, but it did offer Fox News figures an opportunity to push its"drill baby drill" agenda.

On March 7, after listening to Bolling misinform about the effect drilling would have on gas prices, with nothing but agreement from the co-hosts, Doocy wrapped up the segment by suggesting Obama "just poke a hole in the ground." Of course, this was less than a year removed from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in which America watched for three months as crude oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico, killing waterfowl, poisoning the sea life, and dealing a major blow to the lives and livelihoods of Gulf residents.

In early September, Obama pushed Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, a bill that contained job creation ideas and had public support. After reading a quick headline about Virginia's law allowing concealed guns in bars, it seemed as though Kilmeade was required to fill about 30 seconds with about 10 seconds of material. I wish I'd been monitoring this show to see what Kilmeade could have done with the former Secretary General's name. favorite themes is that nearly every conceivable economic woe could be solved by merely drilling for more oil on domestic land.Although (one hopes) there were questions in the interview that were unaired, the very first question we hear Peter Doocy ask Lang Lang is, "Is it safe to say, then, that you would be, like, the Justin Bieber of Beethoven? BAN-KI MOON: "I'VE EATEN THERE BEFORE" Kilmeade is no stranger to racially charged comments." Lang Lang replied by laughing and saying, "That's a funny way to put it." Yeah, it sure is. did a short animation on climate change without explaining that some people dispute the scientific consensus that the Earth is warming. But in the president's defense, it successfully kept pieces of paper from falling on the ground. KILMEADE TOUTS VA CONCEALED WEAPON LAW: "GRAB YOUR GUN AND GET A DRINK AND GO DRINK IN VIRGINIA" Some of stupidest moments come when Brian Kilmeade is ad-libbing. In fact, one of his greatest hits was in 2009, when he claimed Americans don't have "pure genes" because we marry "other species and other ethnics." But not all of his race-related comments are quite so horrifying and confusing. Kilmeade topped off this intellectual discourse by joking, "I've eaten there before." Ha!“Excuse me, all right, we’re just doing a live shot real quick,” a flustered Doocy said, retreating from the camera as the woman took over his live shot.The CNN host and Philadelphia native was drawn into an unprovoked Twitter fight with conservative talker Bill O’Reilly after the former Fox News host attempted a snarky takedown over television ratings.

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