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The negativity in that offshoot of Christianity is not for harmonious thinkers such as Witches.Anyway, we at the Church see Satan as just one more juju-on-a-stick, created to serve the overworked Eternal Trinity of guilt, shame, and fear.The simple, down-to-earth instructions contained here will also show you how to check your tools for [...] Meditation and Astral Travel This video is based on Yvonne Frost’s personal experience with meditation and on feedback from thousands of meditators and astral travelers whom the School of Wicca has taught since its founding in 1968.

We are always happy to meet someone who is interested in exploring Witchcraft, the Old Religion, and its way of life.

These people have done their own experimenting, and many share results with us so that all students can benefit from their experience.

Some traditions have been passed down in families and are part of current Craft practice.

People in our groups can read hieroglyphics, cuneiform, ogham, and other ancient scripts.

We have people who are acknowledged experts in biblical lore and in Judaism. Take a look at a list of the books we use in conjunction with the School’s courses here.

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