Wpf list binding not updating

I have been watching, reviewing, performing the exercises, and documenting each section. As I could not get my code to work, I ended up copying your code (Book.cs, Main Page.xaml, Main cs) and still had the same issue.

Provided that the view model has a property called “Name”, you bind it to a Text Box’s Text property in XAML the following way: Besides the path that specifies the name of the property to bind to, the binding must also have a source object.When you set the property, I instantiate another class of my invention, a Two List Synchronizer.This listens to Collection Changed events in both collections, and when either changes, it updates the other.The Two List Synchronizer code does not make especially thrilling reading, so I won’t show it here.A common requirement for any user interface application that accepts user input is to validate the entered information to ensure that it has the expected format and type for the back-end to be able to accept and persist it.

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We'll also learn about creating data templates that define the layout for each instance of the class we're binding to.

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