We develope new multidisciplinary projects that require collaboration with other people and organizations.


The World of Coronavirus

A collective virtual journal about the human impact of COVID-19: this is the AFTERLOCKDOWN project, and the video-survey is the notebook in which we write. Anyone who wants to can answer and they can do so from anywhere in the world. The aim is to gather global experiences that we have of the pandemic, and reflections on what we think about our present and what our future is, and why. This is a voluntary, non-profit initiative.


Secrets of the Cyber World


A journey into the world of cyber security. We share light on our vulnerabilities, how the digital world affects the physical world, and what we can all do to stay safe. We explore the perspectives of hackers, members of government, military, intelligence agencies, and everything in between. Experts believe that a cyber war can bring us back to the stone ages.
Think you are safe? Find out more!

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Projecte Social Educatiu

Projecte educatiu d’innovació i transformació social per sensibilitzar la ciutadania sobre la pitjor crisi humanitària des de la 2ª Guerra Mundial. Persones refugiades, asilades, expatriades, deportades o immigrades, i especialistes que treballen per afavorir la seva arribada així com integració a la societat catalana, expliquen les seves experiències des de Barcelona.
Amb diferents plataformes connectem audiències diverses per conèixer millor les persones, les causes i les conseqüències del fluxos migratoris.


uHelp Mobile App

uHelp aims to meet the challenge of social sustainability by providing members of different communities a mobile platform to help them find in a smart and efficient way the social services and personal support they require in a competitive and global society.
uHelp seeks to address several challenges, such as, increase social cohesion, integration and quality of life through a technological solution that unifies mobile technologies with Artificial Intelligence to create, maintain, and develop, sustainable social networks.