• Shakespeare Festival

    Script Development Theatre Play for the 2006 Shakespeare Festival (Spain) Assisting the Director Javier Gurruchaga in the play script arrangement and narrative structure. Press release tasks.
  • Karsilasma

    Consultancy (2006/2008) Over two years we work as Consultants and Coordinators for KARŞILAŞMA, an Arts and Culture Exhibit from Turkey for being programmed in Barcelona. The […]
  • Escola Internacional Alphaville

    Communication and Multimedia (Brazil, 2010/2011) Escola Internacional de Alphaville (São Paulo) Producing educational contents, videos, presentations, live events and managing the school’s auditorium.
  • Uhelp

          Online connections, offline change Smart and networked communities for solidarity and support. Uhelp is an App in the prototype phase that facilitates the […]
  • Responsible Technologies

    Brand design for Responsible Technologies Area. Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC)
  • Markets of Barcelona

    Corporate Communications (2008/2010) Developing Corporate Communications for both external and internal publics for Markets of Barcelona and its stakeholders. Working to build the Barcelona Public Organization’s […]
  • Unruly

    Content Distribution and Sales Company specialized on marketing audiovisual content for Internet, based in London. Content distribution and Sales for Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. Acquiring new […]
  • Invisibles

    INNOVACIÓ i TRANSFORMACIÓ SOCIAL   INVISIBLES és un projecte educatiu d’innovació i transformació social per sensibilitzar la ciutadania sobre la pitjor crisi humanitària des de la […]

    Festival de música i intel·ligència artificial – Barcelona 2021 Les noves tecnologies, i la intel·ligència artificial en particular, estan canviant de forma dràstica la naturalesa dels […]
  • Ments Globals

    Web Educativa – Repositori d’Eines Digitals (2015-2019) Volem facilitar l’accès i ús a noves formes de comunicar en un món complex i en constant transformació. Tallers educatius […]