The world is confined.
You are part of the pandemic.
What is your experience and expectations?
A collective virtual journal about the human impact of COVID-19: this is the After Lockdown project, and the video-survey is the notebook in which we write. Compiling video-surveys every day and sharing them, every day.
Anyone who wants to can answer and they can do so from anywhere in the world. The aim is to gather global experiences that we have of the pandemic, and reflections on what we think about our present and what our future is, and why. In this way, we’ll create a viral archive of personal experience, adding views about how we think the pandemic will change our lives.
Viralisation: we invite each person who responds, in keeping with the patterns of infection of COVID-19, to bring along three new contacts who want to take part in the project. You can answer just once or every day, because we know that what we’re living and thinking now will also mutate. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to answer the video-survey as many times as they think appropriate.
This is a voluntary, non-profit initiative
We thank all the people who contributed explaining their experiences
Pilot project developed during the months of March, April and May 2020

Website created by The Visual Suspects (2020)

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Sergi López

Bernat Gascon

Xavier Satorra

Teresa Roig

Ramon Sangüesa



Elaine Fradley

Jordi Amat

Alex Dobaño

Eddy Vidal

Mariana Falcão

Ruitao Wu