Secrets of the Cyber World (2019) – Official Trailer
A HARVARD UNIVERSITY Research Project by Vanesa Levine
A journey into the world of cyber security.
We share light on our vulnerabilities, how the digital world affects the physical world, and what we can all do to stay safe. We explore the perspectives of hackers, members of government, military, intelligence agencies, and everything in between. Experts believe that a cyber war can bring us back to the stone ages.
Think you are safe? Find out more!
New York, Boston, Cambridge , Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Denver, London, Tel Aviv and Davos.
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[Directed by]
Vanesa Levine
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[Produced by]
Xavier Satorra Larriba
Victor Mark Kruse
Àlex Lora Cercós
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Robert Katz – Executive Producer
Steven Narro – Executive Producer
Zev Burrows – Music Score
Emil Backhausen – Cinematography
Nicoline Gade Kranker Vollmers – Cinematography
Sean O’Connor – Director of Photography
Lucy O’Keefe – Researcher & Production
Apostolos Paul Stefanopolous – Introductory Music
Xavier Satorra Larriba – Editing Director
Japz Cadelina – Associate editor
Arlene Lopez – Art Director
Allyson Sherlock – Harvard Professor
Sebastien Delisle – Legal
Andres Montoya – Business Development
Lars Ammerlaan – Production Assistant
Elad Waizman – Production Assistant
Michael Nedjar – Production Assistant
Or Zilberman – RSA Videography
Gilad Steinberg – RSA Videography
Marty Brenneis –RSA Videography
Dwight Dolliver – RSA Videography
Neo Tony Lee – Videography
Doron Hazan – Videography
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Angela Messer – Booz Allen Hamilton
Robert Rodriguez – SINET / Secret Service
Mark McLaughlin – Palo Alto Networks
Ari Mahairas – FBI Cyber Unit
Alex Holmes – UK Government
Amit Serper – CybeReason
Josh Corman – Founder, IAmTheCavalry
Beau Woods – IAmTheCavalry
Suzanne E Spaulding – Homeland Security
Dr. Gregory Falco – NueroMesh / NASA
Chris Poulin – Security Researcher
Naftali Bennett – Minister of Education Israel
Lauren Glass – Engineer & Data Scientist
David O’Brien – Harvard University
Michael Sulmeyer – Harvard University
Jacqueline Johansson – Associate Partner, Ernst & Young
Chris Roberts – Notorious hacker
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Kathryn Condello – CenturyLink
Tracy Gordon – Harvard University Student Government
Nicole Levine – HCH Management
Joe Green – Infrashield
Steven Narro – Infrashield
John Walley – ICISI Cyber Physical Lab
Dr. Gregory Falco – NueroMesh / NASA
Josh Corman – IAmTheCavalry
Renee Smalls – Cyber Human Capital
Larry K. Sobers – Security Executive in Financial Services
Casey Priester – Prometheus Global
Richard Goode – OSI Soft
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Tel Aviv University Cyber Week
CyberTech Tel Aviv
Internet of Things World
Cyber Future Dialog
Chatbot Summit Tel Aviv
elsif preset_name == “Cyber Advisory Board”
Robert Katz
Steven Narro
Joe Green
John Walley
Abere Endeshaw
elsif preset_name == “B-roll”
Risto Siilasmaa – F-Secure Corporation
Maarten Struijvenberg – Rotterdam Deputy Mayor
David Stender, CSO, M&T Bank
Major Jerry E Landrum
Elad Yoran – Kool Span
Yaniv Azani – CTO Israeli National Cyber Unit
Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister Canada
William Wellman – Harvard University
Margie Zuk – Mitre
Kirstjen Nielsen – DHS Secretary
Yigal Unna – Director General Israel National Cyber Directorate
Yonatan Streim Amit – CybeReason
Israel Barak – CybeReason
Michael Coates – Altitude Networks
Valmiki Mukherjee – Cyber Future Foundation
Norihiko Ishihara – Sun Investments LLC
elsif preset_name == “Makeup”
Kristen Kelly
B Delgado
elsif preset_name == “Special thanks to”
Robert Katz
Dr. Gregory Falco
Allyson Sherlock
Steven Narro
ICISI Cyber Physical Lab
Nicole Levine