Portraits of four children from different countries getting to know each other in Peace Camp. Suheir is from Gaza, Jasmine from Tel-Aviv, Omid from Tehran and Cèlia from Girona. Suheir and Jasmine, who we have followed from their homeland had some fears and prejudices before travelling to Barcelona, but they vanish as soon as they exchange points of view and experiences.

A unique opportunity for children all over the world to learn about other cultures and understandings, exchange skills and take a step forward to promote tolerance amongst people. The CAN PAU documentary focuses on these four children’s impressions during their stay in Barcelona, in Peace Camp, organized by the Barcelona Forum of Cultures and the international Save The Children Foundation. Because of their origins, especially three of them, living together might seem problematic at first, since they are from Palestine, Israel and Iran so their countries are in conflict or maintain extremely tense diplomatic relations.

This documentary proves that a life together is possible in certain conditions and backed by tolerance.


Directors: Xavi Satorra & Àlex Lora
Executive Producers: Ramon Colom & Juan Carlos de la Hoz
Screenplay: Xavi Satorra
Editor: Àlex Lora
Production company: SagreraTV, in association with Save The Children & Forum Barcelona 2004

Length: 54’
Language: Catalan/Spanish/English/Farsi/Arabic/Hebrew/Portuguese/Hindi (with Catalan subtitles)
Locations: Spain, Palestine, Israel
Production Year: 2004 – 2005

Broadcasted on TVC (June 2006)